Door Upgrades in Texas

 Bifold and Hydraulic Doors of Texas install large airplane hangar doors

Door Upgrades

If your looking to upgrade your door with additional equipment give us a call. From mechanical to electrical we've done it all! Whether your converting from cables lifts to strap lifts or adding remote controls, we can get the job done for you. If you're not sure what kind of upgrades are available for your door then feel free to contact us and our sales staff can help you determine what your options are.

Upgrade Options

Cables to Straps: Cables systems are bulky, troublesome and a maintenance nightmare. If you have a cable driven bifold door maybe it's time to upgrade to straps. The strap lift system from Schweiss BiFold Doors is safer, quieter and requires less maintenance than traditional cables. If your bifold door is in need up an upgrade give us a call, we've preformed countless strap conversions and can help walk you through the process.

Remote Controls: Remote controls are one of the most popular features available. By adding this feature, opening your Schweiss BiFold or Hydraulic door has never been easier. With the simple touch of a button you can open and close your door just like a garage door. Getting into and out of your hangar has never been easier.

Warning Lights and Horn: This is a great optional upgrade that will alert anyone in the area of your bifold or hydraulic door when the door is in operation. These warning lights and horns are especially helpful if you have the remote control feature above.

Entrance Lights: These lights can be installed either on the interior or the exterior of your building to provide additional light around your bifold or hydraulic door when it's in operation. The additional light provided around your Schweiss BiFold or Hydraulic door will help you get your aircraft into your hangar safely.

Door Base Safety Edge: This additional feature will stop and reverse the door to the full open position if the bottom of the door comes in contact with any obstructions in its path.

Emergency Hand Crank: These cranks allow the door to be opened or closed manually in the event of a power failure. With this feature your building will remain secure even in the event of a loss of power to your door.

All of these options are a great way to increase the ease of owning and operating your bifold or hydraulic door. Bifold and Hydraulic Doors of Texas is able to install any of these options even years after you've installed your door. So whether your door is 2 or 10 years old we can still get you the upgrades you desire.


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